raybo 63 Disperse

Features: Unique dispersing agent. Helps to form water in oil emulsions.

Description: A unique dispersant for use in both solvent and water-based systems. Acts also as an emulsifying agent when incorporated at low levels in a solvent system allowing the system to accept substantial (10 - 40% by weight) additions of water. This, in turn, allows the conversion of a high water containing quality coating to a lower cost formulation without the need to reformulate (HLB 13-25).

Application: Coatings

System: Solvent, Water

Resin System: Alkyd, Epoxy, Latex, PU

Solid Content: 12%

Active Content: 20%

Data Sheets: Product Data Sheet, MSDS, MSDS (French)

Tech Bulletin: VOC Compliance Can Improve Profitability

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raybo 63 Disperse