raybo 5790 OptiSperse

Features: Broad spectrum dispersant for improved dispersion and gloss.

Description: A broad spectrum dispersant that is equally effective in both low (5) and high (25) HLB pigments and has versatility in a wide range of solvent and water-based coatings, caulks, and inks. The highly effective dispersant action often produces reduced mill time while improving color development and gloss.
90% solids for improved pourability at low temperatures.
Also available as raybo 57 OptiSperse HS (100% solids).

Application: Coatings

System: Solvent, Water Reducible

Resin System: Alkyd, Epoxy, NC, PU, Vinyl

Solid Content: 90%

Active Content: 90%

Data Sheets: Product Data Sheet, MSDS, MSDS (French)

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