Raybo Products

Corrosion Inhibitors
Raybo offers a wide range of corrosion inhibitors that eliminate flash rust and in-can corrosion, aid in the prevention of corrosion undercutting, and helps resist moisture attack.
Raybo manufactures dispersants that prevent flocculation, sagging and settling, while improving wetting, maximizing color strength, and reducing mill times.
Surface Modifiers
Raybo produces an array of surface modifiers that control problems such as floating, flooding, and silking, improves flow and leveling, and mar resistance, and eliminates surface defects such as fisheyes, cratering, orange peeling.
Specialty Additives
Raybo offers a variety of specialty additives that produce hammertone finishes, improve stability and brightness in aluminum paints, facilitate stable aliphatic solvent gellation, and help to reduce static charge buildup.
Powder Additives
Raybo makes powder additives that reduce static charge buildup, and improve flow, leveling and wetting.
Ink Additives
Raybo has ink additives that eliminate static charge buildup, control sagging and settling, and improve dispersion, mar resistance and flow control.