Surface Modifiers

raybo 3 AntiSilk raybo 26 Slikit
Highly effective at eliminating surface defects, producing better atomization, and greatly improving both gloss and clarity.

Improves the scratch and mar resistance.

raybo 38 NilFlo raybo 43 MarHard
Produces stable sagging and settling control.

Improves scratch and mar resistance.

raybo 61 AquaWet raybo 62 HydroFlo
Improves wetting, and eliminates fisheyes, craters and crawling.

Flow control for preventing creeping, crawling and edge effects.

raybo 64 AquaSilk raybo 68 HydroSlip
Effectively controls surface defects, produces better atomization, and maximizes gloss and clarity of reflection.

Effective control agent for mar, slip, and flow.

raybo 72 VisCon raybo 74 ReleaseAir
Produces stable increase in viscosity and sag resistance.

Effective at eliminating air entrainment.

raybo 158 VisCon HF
Increases viscosity and sag resistance.