raybo 68 HydroSlip

Features: Mar resistance and flow control. Effective at low concentrations.

Description: A mar, slip, and flow control agent for water and water reducible systems. It also reduces blocking and face-to-face marring and, unlike many competitive materials, it is HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) free.

Application: Coatings, Inks

System: Water, Water Reducible

Resin System: Alkyd, Latex

Solid Content: 50%

Active Content: 50%

Data Sheets: Product Data Sheet, MSDS

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Raybo 68 HydroSlip improves substrate wetting and allows the coating of less than ideal steel. Coating over dirt and oil reduces adhesion, but when the coating contains raybo 68 HydroSlip, a continuous film is produced (as can be seen here) with acceptable adhesion.